Transport infrastructures

Thanks to decades of experience gained in several strategic scenarios of the national road system, such as the Mont Blanc tunnel, the Gran Sasso tunnel, the Salerno - Reggio Calabria motorway, G.S.A. is able to offer absolutely innovative services implemented through coordinated and synergistic actions performed by specialized operators, with leading equipment and vehicles. Unique at national and European level, G.S.A. offers a service tailored to a prompt resolution of any event and to the implementation of safety measures for any critical situation that may arise during the management of traffic inside and outside tunnels, and on main infrastructures of the primary and secondary road network, i.e. due to accidents, vehicle fire and / or brushwood fire, vehicle breakdown and any event requiring a prompt intervention, in compliance with the European directive 2004/54/EC. Each intervention is carried out by qualified operators and with vehicles equipped with special fire-fighting systems of the latest generation, protected by internationally Patents.