Fire prevention and first aid in galleries

The Directive 2004/54/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council dated 29 April 2004 on minimum safety requirements for tunnels in the Trans-European road network is particularly important within the regulatory framework. Thanks to its well-established experience acquired in the field of fire safety in confined spaces, G.S.A. is able to offer services and advice for improving safety standards in road tunnels in Italy and in Europe. G.S.A.’s staff holds unique qualifications, i.e. Emergency and first aid agent in the tunnels/confined spaces, which are the result of a special training program designed and implemented in cooperation with the Italian and French public services and the EEIG TMB – company managing the Mont Blanc Tunnel – and co-financed (first case in Europe) by the European Union. It is a specific and exclusive qualification, hold solely by G.S.A.’s staff, and compliant with specific EU directives on Fire Protection and Safety in Tunnels. G.S.A. has a working team consisting of highly qualified experts, which studies and monitors the activities and services performed in order to get a feedback and improve the performance.