Prevention and Control

G.S.A. Safety Service for fire prevention and suppression.
Carried out by highly qualified staff, this service is a quick and effective instrument for fire safety, immediate intervention in case of an event occurs, and emergency management, in cooperation with the staff of the health care facility. This service is also an essential and effective solution for health care facilities devoid of the Fire Prevention Certificate needing to become compliant with fire standards.

G.S.A.’s Safety Service for fire prevention and suppression provides a set of services to guarantee fire safety and prevention as follows.

Prevention and Control:

  • On areas being potentially at fire risk;
  • On the behaviour of users and employees, which may represent a potential fire risk;
  • On fixed and mobile fire-extinguishing systems (fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, fire hoses UNI 45, fireproof cabinets, emergency lights, etc.);
  • On CCTV systems for “sensitive” areas.
  • On the operation and maintenance of existing, acoustic and optical alarm systems.


Typically, this service is carried out through patrolling activities planned in cooperation with the Health and Safety Officer and according to the Company’s Safety Plan. The health care facility is zoned and each zone is periodically inspected. During the inspection, the operation and effectiveness of active and passive fire fighting systems are checked, according to list referred to in the Decree of the Minister of Interior dated 10.03.98, such as:

  • Fire compartmentation doors;
  • Portable fire extinguishers;
  • Smoke detection and fire alarm systems;
  • Emergency exits and escape routes;
  • Systems and connections of fluid distribution networks.
  • Technological plants (thermal power plants, electrical cabinets, air conditioning system, etc.).

Moreover, a visual inspection and check of the operating conditions, the accessibility and efficiency of fire fighting devices and equipment, as well as the detection of any anomaly/failure possibly preventing the normal course of health care activities, are performed.

Technologies for monitoring and control

G.S.A. performs monitoring and control services using the best technologies on the market and the most flexible methods to meet the exact needs of the customer, such as:

  • Electronic reading systems able to certify periodic patrols: to ensure a suitable and efficient control of the facilities, G.S.A. uses reporting activities and certification procedures at every inspection. A special electronic device allows to record the inspection at a specific fire device/system (inspection completed). This TAG/transponder system is made up of a RFID card reader supplied to the operating personnel, and of TAGs having a specific alphanumerical coding associated to each checkpoint;
  • Portable radio communication systems to ensure coordination among operators;
  • Portable gas detectors for detecting toxic gases, explosive and flammable vapours in special environments. The device is equipped with a data logger able to storing up to 100 hours of data. The operating parameters of the device are continuously monitored through a very sophisticated diagnostics system. The detectors are approved according to ATEX, UL and CSA standards;
  • Vehicles for patrol mobility: electric scooters (i.e. Segway) ensure quick interventions and facilitate safety agents’ mobility within the customer site. They allow more frequent inspections with less fatigue for the personnel, thus guarantying psychophysical efficiency during possible interventions and even at the end of working hours. Moreover, the standing position of the operator allows the possible interventions without slowing down.