First Intervention Service

Thanks to the initial training and the continuous professional education, G.S.A.’s staff can intervene on fire outbreaks and control its evolution, and can actively cooperate in the management of emergencies, according to the plan prepared by the Protection and Prevention Service.

  • Early Intervention in case of fire outbreak;
  • Early Intervention in cases of failures/anomalies for the restoration of operation conditions;
  • Cooperation with public institutional bodies during emergency situations;
  • Safety and evacuation of people in case of emergency;
  • Protection and conservation of resources, facilities, offices and archives.

First intervention staff
The high professionalism of G.S.A.’s staff is given by the experiences acquired in fire safety and the know-how gained thanks to the frequent cooperation with the National Fire Service.
G.S.A. is the sole company whose staff is qualified as First intervention agent in confined spaces, a specific qualification for fire emergency management in critical environment do to the limited manoeuvre possibility and water availability (underground tunnels, basements, pits, etc.).

The entire operational staffs has multidisciplinary qualifications, such as:

  • Emergency management in confined spaces;
  • Emergency responders in facilities considered at high fire risk, according to the Decree of the Minister of Interior dated 10.03.1998, with certificate issued by the National Fire Service (Law n. 609/96);
  • Use of self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) in confined spaces;
  • Lowering lifts to the floor;
  • Fire safety services in helipads and heliports up to class H3;
  • Management of first aid operations, including the use of the defibrillator;
  • ATEX qualification;
  • Disaster, crisis and trauma psychology.
  • Training course for the handling and evacuation of patients with specific aids (e.g. use of lifts, evacuation chairs, etc.).

First intervention technologies
As part of the services offered, G.S.A. provides modern equipment and technologies to operational personnel, to better meet the needs of security and safety in the facilities serviced.

Portable, micronized-water fire system for fire suppression
G.S.A.’s operational staff is provided with a portable, micronized-water fire-extinguishing system having a high suppression power when intervening on fire breakdowns. Among the transportable fire devices, this system is the most flexible and effective one. It is especially suitable for operating in environments without water and in confined spaces, difficult to reach with traditional fire suppression means. Designed to operate with an impulse gun, the system is provided with an additional support to house an air cylinders for the SCBA.

LG.S.A. owns 120 fire engines provided with fire fighting equipment approved for the specific purpose, suitable to intervene in any situation and in compliance with fire suppression standards. Thanks to the broad choice of devices and vehicles available, G.S.A. is able to offer customized solutions aimed at the maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
G.S.A. also owns an international patent for a micronized-water fire-extinguishing system able to multiply, about 100 times, the extinguishing effect compared to traditional fire-extinguishing systems. This unique system is mounted on two-wheeled vehicles (scooters, electrical scooters, Segway) and four-wheeled vehicles (City cars, Pick-ups or Trucks).