G.S.A. approach to its operations seeks to achieve a continuous improvement aiming at excellence through engineered services and processes. This method led the Company at the top of highly specialised sectors, such as fire safety, in which it has become an undisputed European leader.


The implementation of tested and controlled procedures allows GSA to deal with each situation by planning accurate and customized work plans, which are immediately applicable throughout the national territory, and whose quality is constantly monitored by a single coordination centre. This allows G.S.A. to maintain control and govern relations in a long chain, but also to provide immediate and appropriate responses in case of need or emergency. These procedures of excellence are powered by highly skilled managers and operating staff. In fact, the relationship with its human resources and their exploitation are a strategic element of the Company’s success.


G.S.A. is able to turn limited resources in a wealth of solutions: due to the engineering of processes, to a strict control on costs and to a unique ability to create a system, G.S.A. turns its offer into an extraordinary money saving opportunity for its clients. This will produce a real value that comes back to the local community in the form of further possible investments, and increases, at the same time, the overall level of quality and safety.