G.S.A. is an absolute Italian leader in Fire Safety and Training services, a position conquered thanks to a history of excellence in high quality services offered to organizations and companies of all sizes and types, which are classified as high fire risk facilities according to the law.
G.S.A. designs specific customized services for each individual situation/facility at fire risk. By planning costs and programming activities, G.S.A. becomes a reliable global service partner.
G.S.A. is a leader in the national and European fire safety and road rescue services on roads, highways and tunnels, as well as in heliports and aerodromes fire protection.
GSA is also the greatest national player in fire safety services for health care facilities, with more than sixty great Italian hospitals served throughout the peninsula, among which: the Policlinico Umberto I in Rome, the Pope John XXIII Hospital in Bergamo, the IRCCS Burlo Garofalo Hospital and Cattinara Hospital in Trieste, the Cardarelli Hospital in Naples, the Cannizzaro Hospital in Catania, the CTO and the Meyer Paediatric Hospital in Florence.
G.S.A. also provides fire safety services to the Fincantieri industrial plants, and the ENI and Exxon Petroli extraction and processing plants.
G.S.A. is a leading provider of fire safety services in tunnels and confined spaces. Since 2006, G.S.A. has been awarded the contract for providing fire safety and first rescue services in the Mont Blanc Tunnel, a great showcase for the absolute quality of the services offered. As a further proof of excellence in quality, G.S.A. has recently been awarded a new contract lasting until 2019. Similar services are provided to the Gran Sasso tunnel, to all the tunnels along the A24 and A25 highway Salerno-Reggio Calabria and to another hundred kilometres of tunnels throughout Italy. Since 2014, G.S.A. provides safety services to the road tunnels of the Urban Community of Lyon in France.
G.S.A. is a key partner for specialized aeronautical fire safety services at heliports, helipads and smaller airports, and a real leader in services for HEMS 118 bases (Helicopter Emergency Medical Service) and health facilities in general. G.S.A. also designs and supplies fixed fire protection systems and operated and non-operated fire protection vehicles allowing to operate under conditions of maximum security and in full compliance with the law.
G.S.A. is a Training School certified under the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standards. Its highly qualified training staff designs and delivers training courses according to the rigorous standards of the quality management system. G.S.A. is one of the few companies in Italy that are authorized by the Ministry of Interior for the provision of specific courses for emergency management in smaller airports and H1, H2 and H3 class heliports.


Gruppo Servizi Associati S.p.A. is the main actor at national and European level in the fire risk management, first intervention and security services. In over 20 years, G.S.A. has acquired a unique wealth of experience in Fire Prevention and Emergency Management.



Since more than twenty years, G.S.A. is a key partner for the national aeronautical sector. The Company ensures safety in heliports, helipads and smaller airports and has a leading position in the services for HEMS bases (Helicopter Emergency Medical Service) all over the Country, providing services to sixty helipads and fifteen smaller airports, where more than 600 fire fighters are employed.


Safety-Heath Care Facilities

National regulations require that health care facilities adopt fire safety measures complemented by prevention and protection activities, and identify the General Direction as responsible for security and safety.