Gruppo Servizi Associati S.p.A. is an engineered service company, leader in the national and European fire safety market and one of the top players in the national fire safety field. G.S.A. always operates in a global service perspective guarantying high quality services. G.S.A. applies rigorous analysis and designs procedures in order to offer customized services. The quality is guaranteed and optimized using software and systems for managing and monitoring the services provided. Thanks to the management systems and operational models, G.S.A. strictly controls a complex organization providing immediate response in case of need or emergency (just in time). Established in 1996, G.S.A. headquarters are in Rome and the General Management seats in Udine. The Company has several branches in Aosta, Turin, Naples, Bari, and facilities in all the Italian provinces. This ensures a constant relationship and cooperation with the territory in terms of employment and local business development. At present, more than 2,000 employees work in the company. Thanks to its business model, since its establishment, G.S.A. has experienced a constant growth, with an increase of 20% in the last three years (2011-2013). This led the company to a turnover of 43.8 million euros, with a significant net assets figure that now amounts to 6.15 million euros.

Operational management

The operational management is the heart of the growth and development of G.S.A. It analyses national and international markets, designs strategies, plans the operations and controls the results. It is a critical business function made up of the best business minds.

Executive departments

HR department

It promotes the relationship with the more than 2,000 employees of G.S.A.

Technical department

It prepares and coordinates the projects of the Company

Finance department

It manages the finances of the Company, including the relationship with suppliers and bank

Sales department

It realizes development actions on different markets

Payroll department

It manages the relationship with the more than 2,000 employees of G.S.A.

Administration department

It is in charge of the administration procedures of the Company

Purchasing department

It keeps the relationship with suppliers in order to answer to all the needs of the Company

Tender department

It identifies, selects and prepares offers to submit to national and international tenders.